Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Leave it to an Australian.... finally get me off my ass and write some more mind-blowing (or is that mindless?) crap for the world.

Either way, I'm back from the summer hibernation slumber beneath my desk and ready to puke up a few witty observations for y'all. Speaking of 'ready to puke'..... has anyone else had enough for this stupid so-called presidential campaign? Let's get real folks, these two candidates are just slightly better than have to choose between getting poked in the eye with a stick, or being forced to watch a "Starting Over House" marathon. I must state that I am a kindhearted noninterventionist a.k.a. “compassionate liberal” democrat, but John Kerry reminds me more of a democrap, than a democrat. Sadly, I will be voting for him though. Mostly out of bone-chilling hatred for the self anointed frat boy gone wild, Bush Jr. I’m not saying Kerry doesn’t have good things to say, but I’m not saying he does either. Because you know what? I’m not sure I’ve really heard the man say anything at all. I watch the news, I read the paper, I surf the net and I’ve seen John Kerry pictures and stories hundreds of times already. But, I can’t not recall a single, solitary sneeze, much less an opinion or original thought, that this man has put out there. I know all about what he did before I was born, (ie: Vietnam, after Vietnam, etc.) but what about something from the last 20 something years? I would appreciate knowing that he voted five years ago for or against protecting the habitat of the imaginary endangered three-toed, yellow fin hermit crab rather than wondering if he’s spent the last 20ish years in a suspended animation hyper-chamber. He’s like Jesus…. Born, (time lapse), did some stuff in his outspoken late teenage years that no one agreed with, (time lapse) and now is back being hailed as the savior….or something like that. (Sorry Jesus, no offense, you’d win hands down against Kerry any day if you ran for President).

Anyway, enough of that, it’s making me depressed. By the way, I take back all the mean stuff I said about C2. It’s actually ok tasting…..