Thursday, September 27, 2007

Superfly = Super Busy

Hi everyone!!!

Whewwww.... what a summer it has been. I have had zero time since APRIL to do much of anything except try to run my store and still manage the rest of my life. I totally underestimated how much work it would be. Thankfully I had lots of wonderful people to help me out.

I just wanted to say hi and post a few pics (the posting below) so anyone who might still visit my blog would know I'm alive! I promise to post much more very soon.


Finalllyyy... Pictures of my store!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The time has come to say goodbye... my full-time job. I've known it was coming for more than a year now. I was told in December ('05) that I needed to start looking for something because our budget was shrinking. Jobs like mine are hard to come by in Oblivion and I haven't had any success in finding a new one.

On the other hand, I have always wanted to be in business for myself full-time. I have had my t-shirt business since 2001 and feel fairly confident that with the addition of some new products, I could be quite successful. So, that's what I'm doing. I have made an investment into some new equipment that will allow me to add a huge number of new items (coffee mugs, license plates, cookie jars, socks, more styles of bags, etc.) plus, it will improve the quality of my t-shirts as well! I'm going to begin building a new retail website and also start focusing more on wholesale sales.

We went to Chicago this past weekend for a little pre-Valentine's Day getaway. We went shopping in Boystown (the predominately Gay neighborhood in Chicago) and walked into Beatnix - a very cool thrift/trendy store. Low and behold, they were selling stickers, pins and patches with my licensed artwork on them! I about fell over and couldn't believe it. Not sure why I was so shocked, because I get a royalty check every quarter for the sales, I just wasn't expecting it I suppose. A store I love was selling my products! It was a surreal feeling. But, DUH!! it got me thinking that I should be the one selling my stuff to the masses, not other companies!!!!

So, I can't believe I am finally going to take the leap of faith! But, I figure if I don't try, I will never know. Plus, I will have a few months of unemployment benefits to supplement my income in the meantime. I'm kinda scared, but also very excited. Friday is my last day....

Friday, February 02, 2007


I'm a David Letterman type of girl and due to my loyalty I have obviously missed out on seeing one of the funniest (and most unlikely) television correspondents ever...

Someone forwarded me this link yesterday and I've watched it about 10 times! If you haven't seen Ross the Intern meets Steve Irwin then take a look.

Be prepared to truly LOL!