Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Overcoming Abandonment

This appeared on Post Secret last Sunday.
Here is the email I sent to Post Secret in response:


I was instantly brought to tears by the JC Penny Catalog Customer postcard where the sender had written, "Everytime you come home late, I'm afraid you've left me just like my Dad did." in the blanks on the card.

In the past year I've begun to realize that I've suffered from the same fear my whole life. The difference for me was that as a child I always felt abandoned by both of my parents - even though they were both present in my life. It has negatively affected every relationship I have ever had. Because of it, I never allowed myself to trust or get truly close to another person. Last February after being left by my long-time lover, the loneliness became too much to handle and I attempted to take my own life.

Through the process of picking up the pieces and slowly putting my life back together, I have been able to finally let go of my abandonment issues. It is amazing what path life puts you on once you are able to confront and overcome your deepest fears. I want to tell the person who sent in the secret that I hope someday they can learn to trust again too. You did not ask for him to leave you, so stop letting him do it over and over. I'm so glad I have finally decided to stay and I hope you will too.

- Indiana