Friday, October 13, 2006

I am not a violent person...

...really, I'm not...but, this guy makes my blood boil. And, that he (AND his wife) could sit there and say that this was acceptable to do, is beyond belief. Some people need serious help, but these people just need to be locked away for 3 years under the same conditions he was forced to live in.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What to know why school shootings have increased?

This is part of a message sent to me from a Yahoo Group I belong to. It's called the International Coalition For Drug Awareness. You can also visit their website at Due to my own previous experiences with every anti-depressant know to mankind, I believe there is a definite link and something needs to be done about these drugs that are being perscribed like candy. (This will probably be the only time I would EVER list something from Fox News.)

Here's the posting:

Want to possibly know why there's been an increase in school shootings, suicides, and murders by seemingly normal - everyday people, THEN READ THIS!

FOX - VIDEO - National News - School Shooters on Antidepressants
Wed Oct 4, 2006 7:22 pm (PST)


YOU MAY VIEW THE VIDEO FROM THE LINK BELOW:See video here: _ ( (it may take a moment to open depending on your internet connection speed - press the Play button in the middle)

Amish ShootingThere were MANY clues in this case!

This is the list I sent to the reporters covering this case:

You have a normal, average guy who is even a good husband and father, who, out of the blue, goes on a shooting rampage.

You have the horrifying and vivid nightmares that become so real that you cannot tell the difference between them and reality.

You have a fellow who clearly began acting out the nightmares he was having - technically known as a REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD). We now know that 86% of RBD is antidepressant-induced or perhaps more politically correct would be to say that we know that 86% of those being diagnosed with this are on antidepressants.

You have the reason for most docs to give one of the drugs due to the way Charles Roberts felt about losing his baby daughter.

You have a fellow who is armed to the hilt - he overkill is very common in these cases. For some time I have wondered if the AK-47 or other rapid fire weapons and mountains of ammo come with the prescriptions!

You have Charles Roberts stating that even his happier moments would turn to anger - most patients say that is the only feeling they can feel after a while on the drugs.

You have the rambling suicide notes that make little to no sense at all indicating he had gone completely psychotic on the drug.

You have the claims of molesting people who are completely unaware that it ever happened and have now denied it ever happened - signs of hallucinating, which higher levels of serotonin produce.

You also have another sign of high serotonin - the thoughts of pedophilia - yes that is scientifically documented. Why do you think we have so much pedophilia now to insure Bill O'Reilly's job of chasing sex abusers on Fox News? Oh my, what would Bill do without these drugs?

You also have reports coming from Sarah Glick, the little old Amish woman who runs Glick's Heath Store, that he was preparing to visit one of her daughters, who are natural practitioners (both lost family members in this \ntragedy) because he was sick of how he was feeling and wanted to try the natural way. Doesn't that indicate to you he had tried the medical way and it was not working?

So, has anyone asked if he was taking Vitamin P (Prozac or Paxil), or Vitamin Z (Zoloft) , etc.?
I say this because so few people even seem to consider these drugs.

AMAZING! But true. Of course now we have Vitamin E (Effexor) which has "homicidal ideation" listed as a side effect. Definition of homicidal ideation would be continuous ruminating thoughts of killing. Nice side effect, huh? Did wonders for Andrea Yates at the maximum dose!

Sorry if I sound a little cynical, I am just so tired of seeing SO MANY needless deaths. All I had to do was open the Lancaster, PA today and there was yet another case of a fellow on these drugs, Steven Musser, beating a man to death and having no recall - just like patients on these drugs report. When you do these things in your sleep, how are you suppose to remember?

Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Coalition For Drug AwarenessWebsite: _www.drugawareness.org_ (


Amish Shooting Occurred In An One Room School House Ten children were shot in this tragedy. It Was A Non-Violent Amish Community. Too Many Co-Incidences?

You have a shooter in NC who killed his father and took the gun to school while on Celexa, a shooter in a Toronto college being treated for depression, a shooter in a Colorado High school on antidepressants, a boy in WI who shot and killed his principal who was in an anger management class and being treated for a behavioral disorder and now a massacre at an Amish school.

The rampages all occurred at schools, and the shooters had no motives.

Amish ShootingA truck driver, Charles Roberts, an active Christian and good husband and father who flips out, barricades himself in a schoolhouse, and shoots ten girls, killing five of them and leaving five more hospitalized. The gunman killed himself during a hostage stand off in the one room schoolhouse. He brought lumber to barricade the school house. As he entered the school, he let the males and teachers go, and when police arrived he shot the ten girls execution style with shots to the head.


See video here: _
( (it may take a moment to open depending on your internet connection speed - press the Play button in the middle)

Fox News -- The Big Story With John Gibson FNC 10/04/06 17:17:42:

Tragedies like this one in Pennsylvania and in Colorado last week seem to be inexplicable, but listen to this. More often than not, antidepressants are involved. They found antidepressants in Duane Morrison's jeep. And we know that the F.D.A. warned doctors that antidepressants can cause both suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

In 2002 Douglas Kennedy was the first to expose the link between antidepressants and violence, a report that sparked congressional hears and he's here with us now:

>>Four years ago we showed that seven out of the 12 previous school shooters were either on anti-depressants or withdrawing from antidepressants. And since then the trend has continued with 16-year-old Jeff Wise who snapped while on Prozac, killing nine people and wounding five at his high school in Red Lake, Minnesota.

And moments ago I spoke with Sheila Matthews of, trying to get congress to protect schoolchildren from this kind of violence.

So what do you want congress to do here?

>> I want an investigation into the correlation between the psychiatric drugs and the school shooters. I want toxicity screening done on the school shooters to see if they were on any antidepressants because clearly there's a link.
>> When you had a relative who had a bad time on antidepressants. Describe that to me.
>> My brother-in-law committed suicide while withdrawing from antidepressants, and totally out of character, a loving man, we miss him dearly and we want to prevent this from happening.
>> You run into lots of stories like that?
>> That's right.
>> Describe some of those.
>> Well, as a founder of The Able Child, victims come to us all the time, their children are committing suicide on these drugs and we're very concerned. it's a public health issue.
>> Now lots of new studies show antidepressants, not only do they not prevent suicide, they actually cause suicide and violence.
>> That's correct. >> Why are so many people still taking them?
>> Because the evidence is not being broadcast and I think that it's time with all of . . .