Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Night Shade

Let's go for a walk
and talk in rambling tones.
We'll sneak through the
cemetery and drink beer
on the graves. Let's lay face
up in the grass and stare
at stars. I want you to
tell me all of your what's,
where's and how's.

After you've finally
worked up the nerve
to share something
real, we'll roll on our sides
and you can brush leaves
off my shirt. Then, right
there on that grave of
Rosey May, beneath
that inky black sky,
your heart will join mine.


Even though I stand here,
I look ahead
squinting my eyes against
the bright shine of you.

The sudden light reveals
that look of empty loss,
which can only
be detected by catching
you off guard
or, by seeing you
out of the corner of my eye.

You hide it when looked
at directly, denying it
even exists.

It makes me wonder
what bit into your flesh
and ate your soul
almost so completely.
It feels as though you
somehow blame yourself
for allowing it to happen.

Maybe you made a deal
in the wrong dark alley?
It might just possibly be
how people look
after years of not
knowing when,
but, that definitely
one day; someone is
coming to collect
what they wagered.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


I'm just at the point where the word annoyed does not aptly describe how I feel. I cannot suffer fools gladly no matter how hard I try to see the common ground. I want to look at certain people and just scream in-cohesive statements out of pure frustration. I seriously do not understand how a brain could lack so many basic skills of common sense. I think my own head is going to explode if I keep thinking about this topic and those that it concerns.......................and I hate this judgmental part of myself, but for christ's sakes what am I suppose to do?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


This owned part of my soul
I sold to you so long ago
can not help
(by nature or cosmic obligation)
but to let you back in.

I try to fight
the good fight
(with soul wrenching resistance)
only to get knocked
from the figurative ring.

I argue with my head
but the heart always wins.
Like a bug drawn towards light
I bang myself into her
again & again.