Thursday, September 27, 2007

Superfly = Super Busy

Hi everyone!!!

Whewwww.... what a summer it has been. I have had zero time since APRIL to do much of anything except try to run my store and still manage the rest of my life. I totally underestimated how much work it would be. Thankfully I had lots of wonderful people to help me out.

I just wanted to say hi and post a few pics (the posting below) so anyone who might still visit my blog would know I'm alive! I promise to post much more very soon.



Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about your store!
Existential Angst

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Sublime! It was so nice to have you drop by :-)

Love the pics of the store and I'm so excited for you!!!

TK said...

Congratulations on the new store!! I'm so out of the loop--had no idea you were taking that step. My hero...

Hope you're well.

xo Inger

alan said...

That you have managed to be successful at independent business and still have a life is so much more than most ever are! I am so happy for you!


Season~of~ Magic said...

I am happy for you sublime.

Chris said...

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