Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am

I am you
I am the woman behind the black veil in the mud hut
Or the white veil that ran away
I am the person who wonders what it’s like to live in your box
I am the mother of those dead children
I am the rich and famous
I am the one who wonders what will happen if the details aren’t right
I am both the bride on the beach and the man in
The cowboy hat kissing her hand
I am the mother of the disappeared (just as the song says)
I am the person that says hello to you in the elevator
Because I realize you’ve been though a lot more than me
And I might be the only person that’s said hello to you today
I am the person that says nothing because I’m horrible at
Small talk and will wonder how you are days later when I’m alone
I am the person that won the lottery
I am the person that remembers your face from the photo your
Daughter carried in front of the cameras that horrible day
I am the nurse, the gas station attendant
I am the people swept off by the water
The welfare worker and recipient, the woman in the power suit, jumpsuit
Overalls, and maternity dress
I am the woman in prison far away
I am the person that gets stuck in the memories, thoughts, and feelings, unbearable
Emotions and hurt that you feel standing in your shoes
I experience it
And I live it when I see it or hear about it
The curse and gift of unbridled empathy

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