Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The chain of depression at the bottom of the pool
Grips my ankle and keeps me
From reaching the surface for that
Mighty bursting breath of relief

Cheated from the feeling of emerging from the theater
Glad that all is well compared to what I saw on the screen
No, it’s not just a movie, it’s your life

I dreamt that I saw mark and we were 16 again
And he smiled and I asked why he never called
Me back

Everyone is so far away
Anne is suffocating under the weight of
Her infinite prison
T is out west and would be even further
If the land hadn’t run out, probably
Not far enough in her mind and refuses to return
He is in florida soaking up the sun and hash fumes
Floundering to take in even his next breath

I’m here
as always
If I don’t leave this state
Despite my family's objections
Then I will have the last life yanked from my soul
And shrivel into plain, gray dust that will blend
In with the surroundings in oblivion perfectly
In fact, I think that is why the days are so dreary here
The sun is blocked out by the dust of those that
Have gone before
Sucked dry of all hope, killed by the boredom, hum drum
And small mindedness

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear empty one,

Why do you stay in the dust?Go and fulfill your dreams your creativity!Dont hold your thoughts inside,life is too short!Live your heart,bring it to life,i bet it will feel like a rock lifted off your chest.Noone is ever stuck,you make it that way,you can change it!!