Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson Not Guilty!

Surprisingly, I was overcome this afternoon by the feverish urge to listen in on the Michael Jackson verdict. I have not followed this case too closely, through it's been hard to not hear something about it here and there. But, when they announced the verdict had been reached and was going to be read, I was hooked.

I first went to the ACIM site and listened to today's lesson so that I could keep it all in perspective. Then, I eagerly went to Yahoo, CNN, and MSNBC all at the same time seeking live video. Too bad that CNN missed out on huge viewing numbers by restricting the live video feed to paid Super Pass members. MSNBC was swamped and I never could get their feed to pull up. However, gotta hand it to Yahoo, they had a live feed (though audio was at times questionable) that was completely free. Good for them for making it available to all of us!

When it was finally read that Michael was not guilty on all counts, I was overwhelmed and very relieved for him. If the jury did their job in a fair way, then I am happy to find out the allegations were not true. Good for Michael... Being weird and addicted to plastic surgery does not make someone guilty. I'm sure he will still be just as strange as ever, but at least he can do it in peace. I hope he's learned his lesson about letting kids sleep in his bed though.


scrappy rose said...

Got my shirt today...already wearing it. Wahoo. Going to the bank now to get my $2 bills :-) said...

do you hear the jury got back together and charged michael on ten counts of false impersonation of an old white woman? and ninety-seven counts of false impersonation of a person with a nose!! just is served! yes! :)