Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Night Shade

Let's go for a walk
and talk in rambling tones.
We'll sneak through the
cemetery and drink beer
on the graves. Let's lay face
up in the grass and stare
at stars. I want you to
tell me all of your what's,
where's and how's.

After you've finally
worked up the nerve
to share something
real, we'll roll on our sides
and you can brush leaves
off my shirt. Then, right
there on that grave of
Rosey May, beneath
that inky black sky,
your heart will join mine.


Da Buddha said...

Really like your writings. The style is very interesting!

Ravali said...

I don't mean to seem arrogant but I read your words and I feel so connected to them and they touch me so silently as though they may just as well have been something I would write.

maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing style.Please keep on working hard.^^

JP said...

This is well written. The meter mixed with the subtle rhymes fit perfectly with the theme. You're in possession of a strong skill set and ,from what I've read of your other writings, there's always a sense of passion in what you convey. Keep it up.