Thursday, May 20, 2004

Cancer for Minimum Wage

Today I was smoking a cigarette while waiting in the McDonald's drive-thru for my Mega McCholestrol meal. Two black male employees were changing a advertising banner probably two feet away from my open car window. One gentleman was up sitting up on top of a ladder changing the sign, and the other was standing on the ground smoking a cigarette. The guy on the ground said hi, and I reciprocated the greeting (same with the guy on the ladder).

Then ladder man said, "You shouldn't be smoking, it's bad for you and causes cancer."

And I responded, "So does eating at McDonald's."

The guy on the ground cracked up laughing and took a drag off his smoke.

Then ladder man said, "Yeah, but I need YOU to eat here so I can keep my job and get a car like yours."

I said, "You wouldn't want a car like this!"

The ground guy said, "Why not? It's smooth looking."

Ladder guy said, "Because it's a Chrysler. Looks nice but you gotta replace the brakes every three months."

I laughed, told him he was exactly right then proceeded through line.
I ate my heart attack burger and felt happy in the knowledge that using my body for a dumpster helps ladder man keep his crappy job....

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