Thursday, May 27, 2004

Napkin Queen

I have a bonafide napkin fetish. I can't stand seeing one go to waste. I always take the extra napkins home from restaurants if the server gave us too many. Let me revise that statement, I don't actually take them home, I stash them in my car. In the glove box, in the arm-rest holder that opens up, etc. I'm not sure why, where or how I acquired this obsession, but I did. Lilmtty makes fun of me for it... But you know what? When someone is in my car and spills something, I ALWAYS have something to clean it up with. If Jules has a runny nose, he ALWAYS has something to blow it on. If I'm cleaning out my car and need to wipe down the dash, I ALWAYS have something to do it with. On and on...the uses are endless, and hopefully so will be the continued generosity of helpful servers always willing to "bring us a few more napkins" when requested (which I often do when supplies are dwindling).

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AJ said...

While I may not make it a point to take extra napkins home from restaurants, I do agree with you on the value of having an emergency absorbtion utility (how's *that* for a euphemism?) available in the car at all times. I too have assorted extra drive-thru napkins stashed between the seat and the emergency break (and that's a pretty appropriate place for them, eh?) at any given moment. This is a must for someone such as myself who'd find a way to spill his coffee if the cup were hermetically sealed. However, *my* personal preference is paper towels over napkins, and I always keep a roll in my trunk. I often marvel at the simplistic brilliance of the inventor of the "select-a-size" concept, don't you? :)