Thursday, September 08, 2005

The question has been decided for me

I called to see what she might
like tomorrow night for a
dinner I planned on making for us

She responded by telling me
she doesn't want to come back home yet

Why did I set myself up to be crushed?

I guess the question has been
decided for me...

I feel so pathetic and sad.

Disregard previous post.


Caroline said...

I am so sorry about this. I know it's hard moving on, but it is probably the only thing you can do at this point. Don't destroy who you are as a person for someone else, or someone else's love. Be strong and hang in there.

The other me said...

It's not always a case of setting ourselves up for the pain but sometimes we just need to know we tried everything, and now you have. Maybe it is time for you now to think about YOU. Is there something you want to do or a place you long to go that maybe you couldn't when you were with HER? Be kind to you and try to know that things will be better than you imagine someday soon.

Bent Fabric said...

To hear this makes me sad. I was hoping almost as you were that things would move forward. Caroline and The Other Me are right. Take care of YOU. Hang in there.


SassyFemme said...

Oh Sublime, I'm sorry. {{{ }}}
I agree with Bent that Caroline and the Other Me are right. Hang in there.

AKH said...

I'm sorry to hear that Sublime. I agree with all those above me. The only person that you have control over is you, so take this time to take care of yourself.

Know that we all support you and you will be fine with or without HER.

B. said...

Oh shit.

Know that you are loved by many. Be easy on yourself and nuture only you. That was a really shitty thing for her to have done.

Breathe deep.


nancy =) said...

sublime, i am so sad that you are going thru this...i was so hopeful that things were gonna work out...and that's not to say that they won't...just not yet...please remember to take care of you and know that we're all here for you...


sttropezbutler said...


Sometimes the most banal is what's called for.



pack of 2 said...

I hope you are doing OK.


scribble said...

To give her the power to ruin you
is to say you are nothing without her.
Show with your ability to be silent that you will survive this.
Do not let her manipulate your
life in this way.
Back away and watch what happens. This will tell you much about her motivation.
Does she want to be chased, needed, or left alone honestly....

I wish this hurt was not yours
to live through.
Most of us know this same pain.
Find strength in knowing you are
not alone.

Hugs, Annie

SassyFemme said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you tonight and hoping that you're doing okay.

Lea said...

Some days are harder than others.
Wondering when the pain will end?
Place all these warm thoughts into your heart and know I am with you today.

The other me said...

Just popped in to see how you were today..hope you're OK!

Lea said...

Thinking of you today.
Take care

Elizabeth Taylor said...

You're not pathetic! You got hurt, ok? That's the last thing you need to be hitting yourself over the head with. If you need to be sad and listen to sad music and think sad thoughts, then do it! But that's not pathetic.