Friday, July 08, 2005

Human Spirit, Part 2

I wanted to thank Inger for posting her comment about the experience she had today regarding the woman on the bench and her son. (To read about it, click the comments on the post below this one titled, "Human Spirit")

It had to have felt good for her to use her own judgment instead of judgment based on fear. For God sakeƂ’s if you can't trust a woman on a bench to watch your son (with your eye on him) for two minutes in a downpour than who can you trust?

I think about what my grandmother would refer to as the "good ol' days" when she says you could trust anyone you met. Well, the only difference between then and now is US - the ones who stopped trusting THEM, which turns out to be EVERYONE (including ourselves when we are but a stranger to someone else).

People haven't changed so much, there were just as many crazy people 50 years ago as there is now. I think we only hear ALOT more about the crazy people now because of advanced technology (internet, 24 hours a day news channels, etc.).

So, if WE don't start trusting THEM a little bit more, now and then, there's no chance of things EVER getting back to the way things were before fear took over.

In turn, maybe if you, I and everyone else started taking a little more responsibility in looking out for one another, then we would become accustom again to being trustworthy people. Because I believe if you put trust and faith in someone and EXPECT them to do something right, most of the time they will. But, if you always automatically EXPECT someone to do something wrong or bad, they almost never let you down. People live up to the standards they are given (or that are imposed upon them).

Of course, I'm not saying to blindly have faith in all strangers and situations. I'm just saying maybe we should use our own instincts and judgments more often instead of always automatically listening to the Cold Case Files Cop/CNN Reporter and America's Most Wanted Host sitting on our shoulder.

Comments please! And, please keep sharing your stories if you decide to try, what's been dubbed by Angelika as the "kind campaign" (see the explanation in the posting below).

2 comments: said...

this is a beautiful post and thought process. i truly believe that much fear in todays society is rooted in the fact that news only reports on the horrible things that happen and we are bombarded by news outlets EVERYWHERE. you are completely correct!

sometimes i hear people talk about the 'good ol' days' and i am thinking? what do you mean. the bible has horrendous stories of murder and corruption.

one day i decided to sit down and think how i would approach life without the media and i came to realize that i never knew anyone personally that was murdered. i have never been vandalized. i have never been sexually assaulted. i have never been shot at. i have never been involved, nor do i have any close people in my life, that have been involved in any of the things that are on the news everyday. am i vigil? yes. but am i paranoid now? no.

here's to loving strangers and giving them some trust even though they haven't 'earned' it.

Angelika said...

OK Well since no one is sharing their kindness stories, I hope that doesn't mean that no one is being kind.

I pretty much do this all the time, but I made sure I did it today. Whenever I go to any store of restaurant, I always make sure that I smile and say thank you and/or have a great day to the employees there. I figure they are so used to saying it to everybody else, it is nice for them to hear it too.

So at AAA, KMart, and Taco Bell I did just that. "Thank you, Have a Great Day!" I hope they did.