Friday, July 22, 2005


I posted this in a comment over at Mental Hopskotch yesterday:

"I'm contemplating going to Lollapalooza ( this weekend in Chicago and taking my son with me. He's only 8, but I guess this year they are having a kid's area, which is very cool. I think the experience would be great for him and fun for all of us at the same time.

So, in thinking about going to the festival, I thought about the fact that I went to the very first Lollapalooza which was X number of years ago and in turn made ME feel They had some great bands that first year, and the same is true with this year's line-up."

Well, I'm still contemplating and it's do or die time since the festival is tomorrow.

On the PRO side I have: There will be great bands there, Julian will get to experience something way different than he has ever before, I actually have the money (for once) to spend without neglecting any of my bills, it's in CHICAGO (a city I adore), and Perry Farrell will be performing in the children's area (yeah, try to imagine that combination), Perry Farrell will be THERE (I was slightly obsessed with Jane's Addiction in high school).

On the CON side I have: Chicago is under an Excessive Heat Advisory until Sunday and hot temps. & kids isn't always a good idea (both for health reasons and my sanity), Tickets are $60 a person (kid's under 10 free) - but still for me and my partner that's $120 + tax to stand in the HEAT :) Kinda like paying for torture, isn't it?

Anyway, those are my only 2 cons, so I guess the pros win. What ever happened to the days when I wouldn't have batted an eye at this decision? Back then it would have been a resounding "YES, of course we are going!". What has happened to me??


I n g e r said...

You got grownup smarts, baby! You couldn't PAY me to stand in the heat this weekend--and kids and heat: bleuch. How does Julian do in the heat? My kids fade in about ten minutes, then bitch until I get them into someplace cool, preferably with ice cream.

But then, neither do we get out much. Me and my reasons.

Go! Have a ball. Don't forget to drink and drink and drink. Water.


Sublime.... and we know you are....
Go Go Go!
What a great time for an 8 yr. old or "any" old.
Plus if it isn't the right thing for the family, you simple turn right around and follow the yellow brick road home.

Bent Fabric said...

Go! Drink plenty of fluids. :)

sttropezbutler said...

I remember when we would have said, go, smoke some pot have a ball....but hey it is 2005 and we are all different people. Gatorade sounds like it is the order of the day along with tons of sunscreen and loose clothing! Have fun, no matter what happens it will be an adventure for all of you! Trust me, 30 years from now Julian will be telling his pals how cool it was that his mom took him to see Perry!

Christopher said...

Sometimes I just can not decide until I wake up the morning of!

It sounds wonderful, though. said...

lol. funny how time changes things. so tell me.. did you go? take pictures??? :) hope to hear all about it and if you didn't go, well then i hope you enjoyed the air conditioning :) hehe. have a stellar week :)

I n g e r said...

How cool! Thanks for the tip--God knows when I would've noticed. She bought three of your shirts?? That's so awesome!

I wish she'd answer your Big Questions; I was wondering what material thing in the world she'd ask for...