Friday, July 01, 2005

Amazing Feeling

Ok... so everyone is commenting about my "voices" :) I realize it was a rather strange posting, and I wanted to assure everyone that I hadn't gone nuts.

I'm not sure how to explain the "voices" posting without sounding like a religious nutcase, which I can assure you I AM NOT. I have been reading The Course in Miracles for quite some time now. I'm finally up to lesson #27 (out of 365), but that's besides the point. In the Course it talks over and over about hearing the "voice" of God or the Holy Spirit in your heart. Well, for quite some time I was feeling a bit distraught because I didn't think I was hearing the "voice". I was starting to lose my belief, question my sanity, and generally felt pointless. The posting last night was the culmination of that anxiety. Moments after publishing that post, I went upstairs into my living room feeling terrible. Utterly lost and kind of numb. That's when something I think was amazing happened.

I flipped the TV channel to ABC's Primetime Live. They did two different stories, one about "James 3" the little boy who was having flashes from a previous life at the age of 2. The other story about Greg Rice, the 58 year old man who when diagnosed with Parkinson's disease could suddenly compose amazing music (with no formal or previous musical training or ability). Not just any music either, symphonies! In describing the first time he sat down to the piano, "Something just took over my hands and just played," he said. "I got at the piano and I started playing chords and scales and this tune came to me & Then about a month later I wrote another piece, and then I wrote another piece. And it just kept coming."

Both stories were amazing and completely unexpected. The subjects were exactly what I needed to hear about (just at the right moment- synchronicities). The first story about being reincarnated, a perfect illustration of Course principles [we all come back, until we ALL get it right]. And, the second story, the music is coming through him in one of his darkest times. He said it was a spiritual experience and I believe him. I went to bed feeling renewed, both in belief and in an internal way that I haven't felt in a loooonnngg time. I picked up the Course from my nightstand and flipped through the pages randomly (as I often do), choosing a paragraph to read , and of course, like always the text was relating exactly to what I was going through at the moment (as it always does). I can't explain it, I don't understand how it works, I know how crazy it sounds, but I also know that it's all ok anyways.

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a year (maybe longer). Today, out of the blue, a friend emailed me that hasn't responded to my messages/emails in months. Strange how things work....

"Above all else I want to see. Vision has no cost to anyone. It can only bless." Lesson 27, A Course in Miracles

3 comments: said...

to every night there is a morning. thanks for letting me follow along in your journey, wish you happiness today.

pack of 2 said...

Thanks for coommenting on my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours. We share a lot of the same views.

sttropezbutler said...

That was interesting and thank you. I believe in the belief that "what works" works. Just work it! Stay free and Happy 4th!