Monday, August 29, 2005

Best time in a long time

I'm happy to say that this weekend turned out to be one of the best one's I've had in over a year (maybe longer). I'm still basking in the glow of it all.

Friday started out as an actual fun work day. We had our company summer outing (minature golf - see Flickr pic of my co-worker). Followed by a great catered lunch and team prizes. I got a hole-in-one! The outing was over by 2:30 and that meant I didn't have to take any vacation time for going to the concert in the afternoon.

The concert was FABULOUS and I truly mean that. From start to finish! But, let me back up.... Me and my friend traveled down state to Noblesville (it's near Indianapolis, ADH) leaving around 3:30 pm. It takes about 3 hours from Oblivion to get there.

The person I ended up going with is a "newer" friend. Earlier in the day I had wondered what it was going to be like spending that much time with her and would we have enough things to talk about during the long drive. Well, it turns out that she IS very talkative (opposite of me). But, it was a good thing, because I got to sit back and enjoy the drive without having to really say too much. We stopped and ate at a Sonic on our way there because I'd never been to one before. See my Flickr photo of the menu board (I couldn't resist)! The food was delicious and greasy, plus the carhops had on rollerskates - which made it even cooler.

We arrived at the concert venue right on time. Got parked, got frisked and made it inside with no problem. Our first stop was the merchandise booth (do you really think I could pass up the opportunity to buy a ridiculously overpriced t-shirt?). I mean, t-shirts are my life! Not only did I by one, but I also thought I'd be nice and buy HER one too. I also bought a cute basball cap with Kenny Chesney emblazzened on it. What was the grand total you might ask? $95! But, in my eyes, money well spent (considering what a wonderful time I was about to have).

Then we were off to find somewhere to sit. The place was JAM PACKED, afterall, it was sold out. We had lawn seats and people were already filling up all the way to the top of the hill. As luck would have it, we had just started our climb up the hill when we noticed some people moving their blankets and lawn chairs forward. We dashed into the newly formed open space and planted ourselves there. The view was wonderful! (Really hard to tell from the Flickr pics). By the way, you can see a pic of me (on the left) and my friend (on the right), pay no attention to my completely flat hair - the humidity was terrible, but notice the huge smile!

Pat Green played first and was really good. I only knew one song of his, which is "Wave on Wave". Then Gretchen Wilson played for about an hour. I've never listened to much of her music before either, but she has a wonderful voice. For me, the highlight of her set was "Straight On" by Heart into "Black Dog" by Led Zepplin. Next came Kenny and everyone wend wild. He opened up with a song that I don't really care for, but then made up for it the rest of the night. At one point Kenny said, "I hope you all checked your worries at the gate, and just enjoy the show." For me, that summed up my whole evening and the rest of the concert I tried just staying in the moment. Uncle Cracker came out towards the end of the show and did a few songs. At one point him and Kenny were almost rapping during "Cowboy" by Kidd Rock. It was sorta

And this just happened all on Friday! The events of Saturday and Sunday might follow once I can process it all in my head :)


Blogzie said...

So thrilled to hear that you had a fantastic time!

You were certainly due for one.

AKH said...

I'm happy that you had a wonderful time. You deserve it. I'm also happy to finally see a recent picture of you on Flickr. :)

So have you given the T-shirt to HER yet? You gotta fill us in on the details along with the rest of your weekend.


Oh, I'm so pleased to read you had a good time.

FantasticAlice said...

Man I need a vacation like that.

Sounds great.

Good for you.

Always better when you have free tickets!

nancy =) said...

so glad you had a great time at the show =)...ciao!

4evergapeach said...

Thanks for letting me know where you moved to. I may not post often but I enjoy reading your site. Sounds like you had an absolute blast Fri night and the company sounds wonderful! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the weekend!

babyjewels said...

Couldn't be happier for you. Glad it was a great time.

Lili said...

What an excellent night! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself...nothing like the cure of go dlive music!

SassyFemme said...

So now I'm jealous. I love Gretchen Wilson! Glad you had such a good time.

Lea said...

Sounds wonderful.
So glad you kept the tickets and went.
The whole day just rocks!!

ConnieJane said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time!
Good for you!!!

Bent Fabric said...

So thrilled you had a fantabulous time! You needed it.

Dying to hear about the rest of the weekend. :)